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In case of a car accident

By April 22, 2018September 19th, 2018Personal Insurance

Every year in Massachusetts there are more than 100,000 car crashes!

Even minor crashes are not at all pleasant – so let’s make sure you know exactly what to do in case one happens to you.

Regardless of whether or not you are at fault for the crash, the aftermath of an accident can be highly emotional and jarring, even when minimal damage is done and no one is hurt.

Ok – so what do you do if you’ve been in an accident?

FIRST, always check to see that everyone is okay, then call the police immediately.

FOR SAFETY PURPOSES, try to move as far away from the flow of traffic as possible (even if you are not on a main road or highway).

It is common for a minor fender bender to become much worse when the drivers fail to move off the road and then get hit by another passing vehicle.

Don’t let this happen to you – move off the road!

THEN, take note of any and all damage to your car, other cars involved, street signs, intersections / crossings, nearby trees, license plates, bridges, barriers or any other item / obstruction that may have been involved.

Use your cell phone camera to capture as many images as possible.

REMEMBER to gather the insurance information of all parties involved.

FINALLY, inform your insurance provider/carrier, no matter what. Or call us and we can help you.

Now that preliminary steps have been taken, what happens next?

  • You must fill out a “Crash Report” for the state in which the accident occured.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report asks for information about crash location and conditions, the vehicle you were driving, passengers, other involved, damage, descriptions, witness information and other relevant factors.

This form can be found at

If you have an auto policy with us, you should have an accident report card. This should be kept with your vehicle registration at all times, as they are crucial in ensuring that you denote all accident details.

If you need another accident report card simply give us a call.

In most cases, we can report the incident for you or you can do it yourself.

  • If your car is deemed “totalled,” or unrepairable, it can be replaced.
    • If you are found to be not at fault, your replacement car will be paid for in full.
    • If you are at fault, your deductible will apply.

Remember, not all incidents warrant the filling of an auto insurance claim. Give us a call with any questions.

However, it is recommended that you always inform your insurance provider of the incident.

There will be no charges to your premium for doing so, and unless another insurance company pays a claim on your behalf (or you are found to be at fault), you will not be penalized.

For more details about auto insurance claims in Massachusetts, please give us a call.